Stress Trigger Assessment

By Lambert, J.G. MD 
June 04, 2019

Stress Trigger Assessment

Stress in small doses isn't a bad thing. Stress can challenge you to do your best. But too much stress can affect both your emotional and physical health. Learning what brings on stress in your life is the first step toward managing it. This assessment will help you identify your life "stressors."

In each category, check all the items that currently apply to your life.

Promotion New job Demotion Reorganization Being laid off Boredom with job Downsizing Dislike of job Increased workload New technology Working harder, accomplishing less High responsibility, low control Problem employee, supervisor or co-worker Long-term unemployment
Marriage Divorce Reconciliation Separation Having a child Death in the family
Physical injury Illness Medical crisis Financial problems Weight gain Weight loss Making a new friend T aking a vacation Children leaving home Moving Starting school Completing school Quit smoking, drinking or using drugs Losing a good friend Skipping a vacation Difficulty finding good child care


June 04, 2019


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Paul Ballas MD,Marianne Fraser MSN RN,Maryann Foley RN BSN