Nicotine-Replacement Therapy Quiz

By Allen, James 
May 05, 2019

How Much Do You Know About Nicotine-Replacement Therapy?

Want to quit smoking? Here is the latest information about nicotine-replacement therapy and other aids that can help you.

1. Most medicines that help you quit smoking contain nicotine.
2. Talk with your healthcare provider before using nicotine-replacement therapy if you have high blood pressure.
3. Nicotine replacements come in several forms.
4. Using an inhaler helps you quit smoking by satisfying your physical and mental cravings for nicotine.
5. A nasal spray sends a dose of nicotine directly into your nose, where your body absorbs it quickly.
6. Nicotine patches are adhesive patches that slowly release nicotine through your skin.
7. Nicotine gum releases nicotine whenever you start chewing it.
8. Bupropion is a medicine used to treat depression, but it also helps ex-smokers cope with anxiety, cravings, and other withdrawal symptoms.
9. It's safe to smoke while using nicotine-replacement therapy.
10. You may be more likely to quit smoking if you use nicotine replacement along with counseling.


May 05, 2019


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Eric Perez MD,Marianne Fraser MSN RN,Maryann Foley RN BSN