Hemoglobin A1c Quiz

By Sinovic, Dianna 
May 02, 2019

The Hemoglobin A1C Quiz

If you have diabetes, you should know about the importance of hemoglobin A1C. Test your knowledge of hemoglobin A1C by taking this quiz.

1. A hemoglobin A1C test measures the average amount of sugar in your blood over the last 3 months.
2. It's important to know your hemoglobin A1C number.
3. All people with diabetes need to have a hemoglobin A1C test.
4. Keeping hemoglobin A1C below 7% can reduce complications of diabetes. h
5. Most people can tell what their blood sugar levels are simply by how they feel.
6. You can have a "touch of sugar" but don't need to do anything about it.
7. You can do something about high blood sugar.
8. A hemoglobin A1C number over 8% is a sign that one or more parts of your treatment plan need to be changed.
9. A hemoglobin A1C test should be done about once a year.
10. There's no proof that lowering your hemoglobin A1C number can reduce your chances of getting serious eye, kidney, and nerve disease.


May 02, 2019

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