Wound Smarts Quiz

By Sinovic, Dianna 
March 16, 2019

How Are Your Wound Smarts?

Find out how much you know about taking care of wounds.

1. The first thing you should do when you get a wound is wash it with soap and water and then bandage it.
2. For minor burns, bandages need to be changed every day, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.
3. A cut generally heals most quickly when exposed to air.
4. When blood from a deep cut soaks through the bandage, you should take off the soaked bandage and put on a clean one.
5. Using ice on a burn can soothe it.
6. Don't remove a large piece of glass or metal from a wound without professional help.
7. Signs of an infected wound include swelling, redness, throbbing, pus, and fever.


March 16, 2019


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