Other Techniques of Surgery

October 14, 2017

Other Techniques of Surgery

Picture of a surgeon preparing to do laser surgery

Surgeons use traditional tools such as surgical knives. But both open and minimally invasive surgery can also use the following techniques. Their use depends on what needs to be done.

Laser surgery

A laser is a device that sends out a concentrated beam of light. A laser beam can seal a wound, repair damaged tissue, or destroy certain cells. This lets the surgeon cut through tissue without damaging nearby cells. Laser has been used in place of surgical cutting tools in various surgeries. These include eye surgery and gynecological procedures. It can also be used to remove skin marks and small tumors.


A surgeon can also use electrical tools that run on high-frequency electric currents. Some examples of electrosurgery include electrocoagulation. This helps control bleeding by clotting the blood. Another example is electrodesiccation. This is used to remove small growths by destroying the tissue with an electric current.


October 14, 2017


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