After Wrist Arthroscopy

March 20, 2017

After Wrist Arthroscopy

After surgery, your joint may be swollen, painful, and stiff. Recovery times vary, depending on what was done. Your surgeon will tell you when to resume activity. Avoid gripping objects tightly or lifting. You may wear a bandage, splint, or cast for some time.

At home

Woman sitting on couch with ice pack on bandaged wrist, elevated on pillows.Follow your surgeon’s guidelines for healing:

  • Elevate and ice your wrist to reduce swelling.

  • Wear your wrist dressing to let the joint heal.

  • When you shower, cover your wrist with plastic to keep it dry.

  • Take pain medicine as directed.

The checklist below helps remind you what to do after arthroscopy:

☐ Schedule your first follow-up visit as directed after surgery.

☐ Take care of your incision, and bathe as directed.

☐ Complete your physical therapy program.

☐ You can do these activities right away:



March 20, 2017

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