Your Child's Diabetes Care Team

By Floria, Barbara 
March 21, 2017

Your Child's Diabetes Care Team

Having a child with diabetes can be overwhelming. Fortunately, a team of experts can guide you now and in the years to come.

Diabetes care team

Your child may see the following specialists:

  • Healthcare provider. Your child's healthcare provider may be a diabetes specialist, pediatrician or general practitioner who has experience caring for people with diabetes. Make sure both you and your child feel comfortable asking questions and that you understand the explanations given.

  • Diabetes educator. A certified diabetes educator (CDE) is trained to help you and your child learn about diabetes and make adjustments in diabetes care. A diabetes educator can give you and your child a better understanding of the biology of diabetes, practical help in fitting diabetes care into your lifestyle and guidance in the correct techniques for giving injections or checking blood glucose. Your healthcare provider can recommend a CDE in your area.

  • Dietitian. A dietitian can help you and your child create a healthful eating plan. It's a good idea to talk with a dietitian at least once a year.

  • Mental health professional. It can be hard to adjust to diabetes. A counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker can help you and your child cope.

  • Ophthalmologist. Your child should have his or her eyes checked by an ophthalmologist regularly, as recommended by his or her primary healthcare provider. 

  • Pharmacist. A pharmacist can help you choose the diabetes supplies that are right for your child.

  • Nurse. A registered nurse can help your child learn the day to day aspects of diabetes care.

  • Dentist. Diabetics are at increased risk for some gum diseases. See your dentist every 6 months and make sure to let your dentist know you have diabetes. 

  • Podiatrist. As a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, the podiatrist can address sores or calluses and other problems of the feet and lower legs that could lead to problems. 

As much as possible, empower your child to take charge of his or her diabetes care.



March 21, 2017

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Adler, Liora C., MD,Holloway, Beth Greenblatt, RN, M.Ed.