Anal Cancer: Symptoms

October 26, 2018

Anal Cancer: Symptoms

What are the symptoms of anal cancer?

Sometimes anal cancer does not cause any symptoms at all. Bleeding from your rectum is the most common symptom of anal cancer. Other symptoms can include:

  • Pain or pressure in your anal area

  • Itching around your anus

  • Discharge from your anus

  • Swollen lymph nodes in your anal or groin area

  • A lump or swelling near your anus

  • Narrower stools

  • An increase or decrease in bowel movements

  • Straining during a bowel movement

When to see your healthcare provider

Many of these symptoms may be caused by other health problems. But it is important to see your healthcare provider if you have these symptoms. Only a healthcare provider can tell if you have cancer.


October 26, 2018

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