Jianpi wenshen recipe

March 22, 2017


Jianpi wenshen recipe

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  • Hepatitis B, herbal therapy, herbs, TCM, traditional Chinese medicine.


  • Jianpi wenshen recipe is a mixture of herbs that are prescribed according to the diagnostic and treatment system of traditional Chinese medicine. This diagnostic and treatment system has no correlation in Western medicine. The herbs are administered as a tea or in pill form.

  • Jianpi wenshen recipe has been the subject of a systemic review of clinical trials evaluating medicinal herbs to treat hepatitis B. The authors concluded that Jianpi wenshen recipe did not seem to be effective; however, the studies also noted that poor quality of the trials evaluated in the review prevented the formation of a definitive conclusion.

  • Currently, there is some interest in this formula to treat the symptoms of menopause, however, there is no available evidence to support this use.


  • This formula is commonly used in China alongside Western medical treatments to treat chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver. The government of Hong Kong has noted that Jianpi wenshen recipe was more effective than interferon in promoting the healing of wounds in asymptomatic rats with hepatitis B.

  • Based on a systematic review, however, Jianpi wenshen recipe did not appear effective for the treatment of hepatitis B in humans. Better-designed studies are needed to confirm this since current available trials are of poor quality.


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  • A qualified healthcare provider should be consulted before making decisions about therapies and/or health conditions. Jianpi wenshen recipe may interact with other herbs and supplements, or alter prescription drug efficacy and side effects.

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March 22, 2017