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  • Anthraquinones, Kampo formula, licorice, rhubarb.


  • Daio-kanzo-to is a Kampo formula that includes a mixture of rhubarb and licorice. Traditionalists consider it a safe remedy for habitual constipation and other abdominal symptoms.

  • One ingredient, rhubarb, contains known laxative constituents (anthraquinones) similar to those found in approved over-the-counter laxative preparations. The other ingredient, licorice, reduces side effects by protecting mucous membranes. However, there is no meaningful evidence for any such protective effect, nor indication that such a protective effect is needed. Furthermore, licorice presents significant safety risks.

  • The dosage used in clinical trials ranges from 0.5 to 1.5g per day. Adjustments to the dose may be necessary according to the needs of the individual patient.


  • Based on human study, the intake of Daio-kanzo-to may be dose-dependent. In a two-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 132 people complaining of constipation were randomly assigned to one of three groups: placebo, low-dose Daio-kanzo-to, or high-dose Daio-kanzo-to.The results indicate that the higher-dose group, but not the lower-dose group, experienced statistically significant improvements in constipation compared to placebo.

  • Based on animal study, Daio-kanzo-to may be a helpful addition to oral rehydration solutions as an adjunct treatment in cholera patients.

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March 22, 2017