Medicines for Acid Reflux

March 21, 2017

Medicines for Acid Reflux

Your healthcare provider has told you that you have acid reflux. This condition causes stomach acid to wash up into your throat. For most people, acid reflux is troubling but not dangerous. But left untreated, acid reflux sometimes damages the esophagus. Medicines can help control acid reflux and limit your risk of future problems.

Medicines for acid reflux

Your healthcare provider may prescribe medicine to help treat your acid reflux. Medicine will be based on your symptoms and any test results. Your provider will explain how to take your medicine. You will also be told about possible side effects.

Reducing stomach acid

Your provider may suggest antacids that you can buy over the counter. Antacids can give fast relief. Or you may be told to take a type of medicine called H2 blockers. These are available over the counter and by prescription (for higher doses).

Blocking stomach acid

In more severe cases, your healthcare provider may suggest stronger medicines such as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). These keep the stomach from making acid. They are often prescribed for long-term use.

Other medicines

In some cases medicines to reduce or block stomach acid may not work. Then you may be switched to another type of medicine that helps your stomach empty better.



March 21, 2017

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Adler, Liora C., MD,Fraser, Marianne, MSN, RN