Wrist Pronation (Strength)

By Wheeler, Brooke 
October 06, 2017

Wrist Pronation (Strength)

Woman sitting in chair with arm on table doing pronation exercise with hand weight.

These instructions are for your right elbow. Switch sides for your left elbow. 

  1. Sit in a chair next to a table. Rest your right forearm on the table. Hang your right wrist off the edge of the table, palm up. Hold a hand weight in your right hand. Your healthcare provider will tell you what size of hand weight to use.

  2. Keep your forearm in place and turn your wrist to the left until your thumb is on top.

  3. Slowly lower the hand weight back down to the right.

  4. Repeat 10 times, or as instructed.


October 06, 2017


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