Late-Life Depression Quiz

By Barbara Floria 
May 06, 2015

Late-Life Depression Quiz

Older adults often suffer from depression because they do not know the symptoms. Or they do not want to talk with their health care provider about it. Also friends and family may think that the symptoms of depression are just a passing mood. Depression is a medical illness. Learn more about depression in older adults by taking this quiz.

1. Depression is a natural part of growing older.
2. One common symptom of depression is feeling sad for 2 weeks or more.
3. Long-term (chronic) illness can trigger depression.
4. Depression always has an obvious cause.
5. Illnesses such as Parkinson disease or cancer can trigger depression.
6. Treatments for depression include counseling and antidepressant medicine.
7. People older than age 65 make up a large portion of suicides in the U.S.
8. Most insurance companies don't cover depression treatment.
9. If not treated, depression can make the symptoms of other illnesses worse.


May 06, 2015

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Nelson, Gail, MS, APRN, BC, Pierce-Smith, Daphne, RN, MSN, CCRC