Samsung Gear 2 - Continued

By Katharine Paljug @kpaljug
November 27, 2017

Comfort and wearability

No matter which version you order, the Gear 2 comes with multiple strap options in the same material but different sizes, allowing you to switch them out to find the best fit for your wrist.

Though the watch face is smaller than many smartwatches, it is still large and heavy. This makes it less comfortable to wear for people with smaller wrists. The bulk and weight of it also make it awkward to wear while sleeping.


The basic silicone strap looks sleek and stylish, allowing the Samsung Gear 2 to take you from work to working out. The face looks less like a smartwatch and more like an accessory, especially when paired with a leather strap.

The more expensive versions look especially polished and would be right at home as part of any stylish outfit. They do, however, look a little out of place with workout clothes. Though the face is water-, dust-, and sweat-resistant, working out or showering in it could wear out the leather bands or damage the rose gold or platinum faces.


There are a variety of applications available through the Samsung store, though there are more available if you pair the Gear 2 with an Android phone than an iPhone. You can select which applications will display alerts and turn off the rest.

Email, IM, and notifications

Because the Gear 2 has no speakers, you don’t have to worry about loud notifications. The watch will buzz to alert you that you have a notification. The buzzing on the high setting is loud enough that you will be able to hear it. The low setting is a gentle vibration that that may take some getting used to but is very unobtrusive. When a notification pops up, you have the option of dismissing it or navigating to the application to deal with it.

To reply to email or messages, you can either compose a response using voice commands, send a canned response, or send an emoji. The Gear 2 comes with several saved responses, and you also have the option to compose and save your own canned replies.





November 27, 2017