Lumo Run - Continued

By Laura High @healthwriter61
December 21, 2017
05 Jun 2014 --- Young men jogging --- Image by © Charles Knox/Corbis


The Lumo Run is a nondescript flat black oval a little smaller than an egg. It comes with a rubber clip that it fits snugly into, and that clips securely to your waistband. The idea is that it doesn’t move around so the clip has to be very secure. The device has a single LED light that lets you know when it’s charging, but it doesn’t have any kind of a face or readout.

Comfort and wearability

The device attaches to the back of your waistband while you are running. I really didn’t notice that it was even there. There’s no reason to wear it at any other time, unlike a fitness band, since all it does is track your movement while running. I tried to fool it by wearing it on the elliptical, but it’s smart enough to know I wasn’t running and I got a “not enough data collected” message at the end of my “run.” The clip can be a bit of a challenge to get on, but it needs to be very secure so it doesn’t move around or fall off while you’re running. A few times I forgot I was wearing it when I went to the bathroom but it was still there when I was done, so it’s unlikely to fall off.


The only app I found that was compatible with the Lumo app was Strava. If you connect the apps and track a run in Strava, it pushes GPS data to the Lumo app so a map of your run appears in your activity feed. Alternatively, you can use your phone’s GPS tracking to generate pace, distance, and map your routes. In the future it would be nice if the Lumo app could push your run data to a connected multi-purpose app like MyFitnessPal.

Music player

You can listen to your favorite music app or playlist, podcasts or news channels while you run with your phone and the Lumo app on. Lumo automatically adjusts the volume to deliver whatever metrics you’ve enabled at the intervals you’ve indicated. You’re operating the two apps independently, but they seem to play nicely together.





December 21, 2017