Garmin vívofit Fitness Band - Continued

By Katharine Paljug @kpaljug
December 04, 2017


Though it will never look formal or elegant, the simple silicone band of the vívofit is relatively unassuming. Anyone who sees it on your wrist will know instantly that it is a fitness tracker, but the standard design makes it easy to forget about. The lack of lighting also makes it unobtrusive, which helps to offset its lack of style.


The vívofit syncs with the Garmin Connect app, which you can access either through a smartphone or a computer. Once you create an account, the vívofit sends your data to Garmin Connect, where you can check metrics such as sleep, calories, and activity levels. Garmin Connect can be personalized for things like stride length, allowing you to more accurately measure your steps and movement.

Email, IM, and notifications

You can set up the Garmin Connect mobile app to share notifications on your phone, as you can with any other app. But the vívofit itself does not have any sort of alarm or messaging.

It does notify you when you have been inactive for an hour, displaying a red “move bar” on the device screen. For each 15 minutes you are inactive after that hour, another red segment is added to the bar. Getting up and moving, even a few steps, resets the bar, and the hour counter starts over again.

The Garmin Connect app allows you to email reports, maps, or any other data you are tracking.

Social sharing

If you are tracking activities, such as steps or heart rate, in Garmin Connect, you can share them on social media by accessing the “More” menu and selecting which activity you would like to share. You will need to add your social media accounts to the app to enable sharing. You will also have to enable social media sharing in your privacy settings.

Battery Life

The Garmin vívofit does not come with or need a charger. Instead, it uses two batteries for power, which can last for up to a year without continuous use. The batteries are standard watch size and easy to find when you do need to replace them.

Maps and GPS navigation

The vívofit has a built in GPS tracker that records your location, which you can pull up as detailed maps on Garmin Connect. This allows you to track the distance and routes of your activities, such as runs or bike rides.





December 04, 2017