Garmin vívofit Fitness Band - Conclusion

By Katharine Paljug @kpaljug
December 04, 2017

Fitness tracking

The Garmin vívofit is an efficient, uncomplicated fitness tracker.

It begins by tracking your steps, starting at 7,500 a day, but adjusts based on your personal level of activity. If you hit your goal one day, the vívofit might raise it the next day. If you don’t hit it, it may stay the same, or it may adjust down in order to help you build towards a higher number. This personalized daily goal is one of the best things about the vívofit, as it makes fitness milestones feel more accessible.

Through Garmin Connect, you can also set your vívofit to track additional health metrics, such as distance covered or calories burned. It can track heart rate, but you will need to purchase a separate heart-rate monitor. Garmin sells one, but the vívofit can sync with any ANT+ compatible heart-rate monitor.

The vívofit has a built in sleep tracker, which you can activate by pressing the button until you cycle through to the correct screen.

All of your fitness data is aggregated in the Garmin Connect app, where you can access it along with maps of your location and fitness reports. Through Garmin Connect, you can set specific fitness goals and track your progress, along with comparing each day’s activity to that of previous days.

Software ease-of-use

Connecting the vívofit to the Garmin Connect app, either through a smartphone or a computer, is straightforward and relatively simple. Data syncs automatically, making the system easy to use. Setting goals or tracking changes requires logging in, and you do need to enter some information manually, such as height and weight, but this does not take long.

Some of Garmin Connect’s features, such as social sharing or running reports, can feel less intuitive to figure out, given the number of steps they require. However, the help pages on Garmin’s website are quick to search and contain easily followed instructions.

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December 04, 2017