4 Best fitness trackers for seniors - Page 3

By YourCareEverywhere Staff @YourCareE
December 09, 2015

Fitbit Zip

The most basic version of Fitbit, the Zip is a good choice for a great price, especially if it’s your first fitness tracker. This simple device clips to your clothing snugly, so you don’t have to worry about it shaking free. (It’s motion sensitive, so you have to be careful where you clip it; wearing it on your arm can count arm movement as steps.) Like other basic trackers, it will count your steps, distance travelled, and calories burned, but not your heart rate. It also won’t track your sleep. The small, round gadget does have a clock, though. 

The Zip syncs with the Fitbit app on your smartphone and gives you motivational badges for meeting goals, reminders, and congratulations when you reach a goal. You can also challenge other Fitbit users in the community forum or friends who also have any Fitbit. The Zip is a nice, simple choice for keeping things simple.



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December 09, 2015