Take the Antibiotics Quiz

Antibiotics have been called "wonder drugs." They can treat infections that once killed many people. But using these medicines when they shouldn’t be has let certain bacteria to become resistant to them. Learn more about this important issue by taking this quiz.

1. Antibiotics kill both viruses and bacteria that cause illness.

What Is CBD Oil? 

What is CBD oil? This oil contains cannabidiol, a chemical in the marijuana plant. It doesn't get you high, but marketers claim it has health benefits.

What Is Serotonin Syndrome? 

Make sure your doctors know everything you take. When people combine some common prescriptions or add supplements, they run the risk of serotonin syndrome.

Prednisone Side Effects 

Your goal should be to use prednisone sparingly and get off it as soon as possible. There are many prednisone side effects, and they can be unpleasant.