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Our Facility

Westchester General Hospital is committed to excellence in patient care and we will provide personalized quality health services in a compassionate, supportive atmosphere, utilizing highly ethical and professional medical personnel. We will, also, provide accredited postgraduate training programs emphasizing primary care practice. We recognize our need to maintain a cost effective, financially sound organization, thus allowing us to continue to provide quality patient care and meet the changing needs of the community we serve.

Emergency Department

The Emergency Department of Westchester General Hospital is a Level IV, seven (7) bed unit which provides comprehensive emergency care seven (7) days a week, 24 hours a day and is staffed by one (1) physician experienced in emergency Care. Specialty consultation is available within approximately 30 minutes by members of the Medical Staff.

The Emergency Department consists of a Triage area and seven (7) treatment areas. There is a linen room, clean utility room and a soiled utility room. There is a visitor’s waiting room. Five (5) beds capable of cardiac monitoring, one (1) orthopedic room, one (1) psychiatric room and one (1) pediatric cart in room (2).

Intensive Care/Critical Care Units

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a seven (7) bed multidisciplinary care department located in the Northwest first floor is area of the hospital. Bed #7 is a single bed room designated as the negative pressure room.

The ICU specializes in the comprehensive care of all critically ill patients with conditions experiencing single and multi-system failure. These conditions include but are not limited to patients with complex cardiac diseases, pulmonary, renal, neuro-vascular, endocrine and orthopedic problems, post surgical patients requiring advanced medical, nursing or respiratory care. Close observation, cardiac and hemodynamic monitoring and other advanced monitoring techniques are provides per policy and procedure.

Medical/Surgical Units

The Medical/Surgical/Telemetry 91 bed unit of Westchester General Hospital is divided into 3rd Floor and 2nd Floor. Out of the 91 beds, 32 are telemetry beds.

Unit 2A is a 29 bed unit comprised of one (1) private room/isolation room and fourteen (14) semi-private rooms. Unit 2 B is a 32 bed unit with two (2) private rooms, of which one (1) is an isolation room and fifteen (15) are semi-private rooms. 3rd Floor is a 30 bed unit, two (2) private rooms, one (1) of which is an isolation room and fourteen (14) semi-private rooms.

The conditions of patients admitted to the Medical/Surgical/Telemetry Unit include, but are not limited to:

• Cardiovascular disorders
• Respiratory disorders
• Gastrointestinal disorders
• Telemetry monitoring
• Genital-Urinary disorders
• Neurologic disorders
• Oncological disorders
• Orthopedic disorders

Surgical Suite/Post Anesthesia Recovery Unit

- Pre/Post Recovery
- (3) OR Rooms
- (1) GI Suite
- (1) Cysto Room

The Operating Room of Westchester General Hospital provides services for operative and other invasive procedures and immediate postoperative on a twenty-four hour basis.

The patient population served by the Operating Room consists of the adolescent (15 years and older), adult and geriatric patients requiring or seeking intervention to maintain or restore an optimum level of wellness. The Operating Room provides a safe and comfortable environment for both patients and personnel in order to provide optimum assistance to the Physicians in meeting the emergency, preventive and restorative health needs of the patients. The Operating Room Staff provides quality-conscious, competent and cost-effective care with respect for life and dignity. Procedures performed in the Operating Room include general, ENT, oral, neurological, thoracic, vascular, urological, orthopedic, pain management and gynecological operative and other invasive procedures. 

Behavioral Health Services

The Psychiatric Unit of Westchester General Hospital is a (27) bed secured unit which provides a very structured environment of those patients who require intensive behavioral management. The unit is designed to enhance the positive self-image of patients and preserve their human dignity while providing a therapeutic atmosphere conducive to cognitive, emotional and behavioral change. The patient population served by the Psychiatric Unit include both voluntary and involuntary patients who are 18 years of age or older.

The conditions of the patients admitted to the Psychiatric Unit include disorders as defined by the DSM-V which are limited to the adult psychiatric population and that are responsive to treatment within an acute care psychiatric setting.

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